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Die Songs

aus NOS4A2

letztes Update 30.06.2020

Die Staffel 1 der Serie NOS4A2 von Joe Hill startet am 2. Juni 2019 in den USA und ab dem 7. Juni 2019 in Deutschland für Prime-Mitglieder in der englischen Originalversion und der deutschen Synchronfassung bei Amazon mit allen 10 Folgen auf einen Schlag.
Staffel 2 startete in den USA am 21. Juni 2020, der Start in Deutschland wird sehnsüchtig erwartet.

Staffel 1

Folge Folgentitel Interpret Songtitel Zeit Szenenbeschreibung
01 The Shorter Way Tom Griffiths, Roscoe Williamson You're a Superstar   Opening scene in Vic's room.
    Rockabye Baby! Here Comes the Sun   Vic collects her artwork to show at school interview.
02 The Graveyard of What Might Be        
03 The Gas Mask Man Sarah Frazier The Meteor Show 35:00  
    Bleached For the Feel 38:00 Touring campus
04 The House of Sleep        
05 The Wraith DJ Roc Slam It   Willa and Maggie Leigh talk while Vic dances.
    Ashley Jana Party Party Party   Vic and Maggie Leigh go to Willa's party after talking about inscapes at Maggie's hotel.
06 The Dark Tunnels The Chords Sh-Boom   At the beginning. Roller skates /Diner. Young Charlie talks to the waitress; (repeats) In the hospital: (repeats) in Charlie's car.
07 Scissors for the Drifter        
08 Parnassus Grapeshot Krewzell 26:40 Disco Scene
09 Sleigh House        
10 Gunbarrel Broken Bones Chvrches   Vic takes her father's bike through town before she leaves.

Staffel 2

Songtitel Zeit Szenenbeschreibung
01. Bad Mother Sleater Kinney Can I Go On   In the garage, Vic paints motorcycles.
    Lizzo Juice   Tabitha and Maggie Leigh at home.
    Alt-J Breezeblocks   Nathan fills the car engines with potted sunflowers.
    Loma Relay Runner   In the garage, Vic works on her new bike.
    Clovis High School Choir Away In A Manger   Vic's music turns to static then Christmas music.
02. Good Father The Trinity Choir O Little Town of Bethlehem (1916)   Christmas day, a nurse gives Charles his newborn baby while Cassie's father looks on.
    Clovis High School Choir Joy to the World   At a rest stop, Manx calls Millie.
    Yvonne Devaney God Made an Angel When He Made Me You   In the rest-stop bathroom, Manx tapes his body.
    The Aurora Caroleers God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman   Manx takes Cassie and Millie on a suicide drive.
    Extreme Music Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy   At Christmasland, Manx arrives in the Wraith.
03. The Night Road Scratch Massive Last Dance   Vic drinks alcohol while she looks at her sketchpad. Lou tries to get ahold of her, but she doesn't hear her phone ringing.
    APM Music Deck the Halls   A jukebox plays a jazzy Christmas song as Manx crosses to the bar.
    The Orioles Oh Holy Night   Manx calls Millie outside the bar.
04. The Lake House        
05. Bruce Wayne McQueen        
06. The Hourglass        
07. Cripple Creek Bill Stewart Band It Came Upon a Midnight Clear   Charlie leaves the bar teary-eyed after being assaulted by Mr. Tim.
08. Chris McQueen 5 Alarm Music 25th of the 12th   Charlie Manx welcomes Wayne to Christmasland. They show up and The Christmasland gates open.
    The Aurora Caroleers Joy To the World   Vic and Maggie arrive in Christmasland and encounter a demon child.
    Annette Hanshaw Cherie, I Love You   Manx finds the ghost of Cassie. There's a record player in the room. They talk about their first dance at their wedding.
    The Carol Singers The First Noel   Vic and Maggie search for Wayne.
09. Welcome to Christmasland        
10. Bats Clovis High School Choir It Came Upon A Midnight Clear   Charlie Manx pulls up to the gates of the Wraith.
    Jazz On The Vine On the First Night We Danced   Maggie goes into the hotel elevator. Static comes on and then music plays.

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